Доклады / Everyone likes change, but nobody likes to be changed

The easy part is understanding what Agile is about. The hard part is making change happen in practice. To change organizations you need to change people. To change people you need to start with the only person you have any control over - yourself.

In this talk Henrik will use real-life examples to help you understand what you can do to trigger organizational change and help your company become more agile.

Everyone likes change, but nobody likes to be changed (Henrik Kniberg, AgileDays-2011) from Stas Fomin on Vimeo.

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Направления: Product Management, Experience Report, UX & Product Marketing


Henrik Kniberg Henrik Kniberg
Crisp (Стокгольм)

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Лайер Дмитрий Лайер Дмитрий,
Softline (Москва)

20.12.2010  22:08:39

Yes, the Old school kills innovations.
It is the hottest theme!!!!
Probably theses are not required :)


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