Артём Марченко, Nokia (Тампере)

Артём Марченко

Product Management

О себе:
Currently a Product Manager in Nokia Artem Marchenko has over a decade of software development under the belt. Artem was working for a number of Ukrainian and Finnish companies, experienced various methodologies, processes and leadership styles. He got acquainted with Agile in 2005, liked the ideas and immediately started applying them in his projects within Nokia. Artem’s main interests are Scrum in general and the ways of establishing productive communication between the customer and development sides in particular. Artem pursues both practice and theory. He was a practicing Scrum Master, now as a Product Manager he is playing a Product Owner role for a vastly distributed team. He is doing his PhD studies on Agile Project Management and consults and coaches various organizations on the topics of effective software development. Artem also maintains and regularly writes to the http://AgileSoftwareDevelopment.com web site.