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Real estate agent in Breckenridge Colorado

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looked again it says “loan amount up to 100% of the current appraised value of the home" u figure I paid $210,000.00 for my Breckenridge house in colorado, right now its worth around 165,000.00. lets say I let it foreclosure .they estimate a Breckenridge foreclosures cost a bank about $40,000.00 . then u figure the Breckenridge house sits on the market for months , They pay Colorado real estate listings property maintenance , plus the realtor 6% to sell it , for $150,000.00 or less because they want to move it & there’s 10 more on the same street. U start to add everything up its smarter & cheaper to redo the loan at the current appraised value of $165,00.00 They save $50,000.00 No one can say with any certainty it's the wrong plan. People have their opinions, but it's only opinions at this point. The artificially high prices of Breckenridge homes was not the homeowners fault I live within my means, bought a home I could afford, and make my payments on time. So, I will not benefit from this plan. However, I did lose major cash from my 401k. Mr. Obama, when you are finished with the mortgages, will you please give me my retirement savings back?